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Café / SweetsKumori Tookidoki Hare Mori-no (Forest) Coffee Shop

森の珈琲店 曇り時々晴れ

A coffee shop boasting fine in-house roasted coffee and handmade waffles. Six varieties of coffee are offered as well as a number of sweets and light dishes to choose from.

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Address Patio Daimon, 53-1 Daimoncho, Nagano City
TEL 026-234-3451
FAX 026-234-3451
Website Here
Genre Café
Type Sweets
Counter seats 7
Table seats 7
Floor seats 0
Hours 10:00-18:00 (Last Order 17:30)
Budget per person 380-1,000


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Breakfast Menu

Local Ingredients

English Menu
○  only drinks

English Speaking


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